Common rules
Taisyklės lietuvių kalba čia (rules in lithuanian are here)
Every participant must be on their own, without external help (unsupported). If you want to draw out, you must stop Live tracking system, contact organizers and tell about your situation. If case of emergency you can contact by phone. Organizers will make everything they can to help the participant. 

All participants should have:

1. GPS device, with help of which participant will follow the organizer's given track. Following the track on smartphones is not recommended. **
2. Tracking device, given by organizers on 2020-06-01**. If lost or damaged - 110eur penalty.
3. Safety measures (helmet, safety vest or reflectors). **
4. Passport or ID card. **
5. Lightning system, including front and rear lights.
6. Bivy, light sleeping bag, rain jacket, at least two water bottles, etc..
7. Multitool to service your bicycle.
** - obligatory
“Hydra Epic” challenge has one main principle: to finish “Hydra Epic” track in timely and self-supported manner. Participants have to carry the spirit of self-dependency and equal rights.


Participants can buy food, equipment, rent a room, wash their clothes, fix bicycles and do all the needs in the challenge track, but in a way that those services would be available publicly. The goal is to ride unsupported between cities and in cities. All the used services must be commercially available to all participants. Overnighting in a private house or pre-planned private place - strictly forbidden.


"Hydra Epic" organizers strive to give equal conditions to participants in the track and require to be based on self-supported principle, that’s why it’s forbidden to give or receive external help, connected with navigation, accommodation or reselling (especially having in mind non-commercial supplier).




Participants use the same track to get to the finish line. The time when participant chooses the track length and registers for challenge, is the only time of selection of the single and most important goal of the challenge – selected distance finish for that participant. A participant, who finishes a designated finish, must sign in the finish book. After that participant can continue to follow the track, but participant must not interfere with or influence other non-finished cyclists’ movements. Participant’s finish time is the one confirmed by organizers and written in the finish book.

Visitation. Friends or family can visit participants on the route, but can only support the participant in moral way. Friends, family can’t ride together with participants (no pacers).

In case of big technical problems

The participant has to move forth and back following the route searching for a way to solve technical problems and carry on. If there are no ways to solve the problems, the participant has to inform the organizers. There is a big chance, that organizers will let to use an external help from aside, bring the bicycle to nearest bike service and get back and continue from the same place where the problem occurred. Then the finish list will indicate, that the participant finished with a help from aside. In all other cases, the participant leaves the track and stops his challenge. Then the same list will indicate “DNF – tech. problems”


Participants can receive help from other participants in these cases:

  1. Medical help

  2. Technical help

  3. Moral help

  4. Help by food or water (in extreme cases)


GPS navigation

That’s the most important participant’s tool, with it’s help he\she can start, follow the route and have an evidence that the route has been completed fully and according to rules.

Using of smartphones for navigation is permitted only if they have correct software and can work without battery save mode - for correct participant’s position acquisition.


All participants must use trackers they get from organizers, with which the participant is tracked for complying the rules and also for following the route. Seeing suspicious behavior or GPS coordinates organizers can take a decision to exclude the participant from the challenge. That’s why when having questions or problems the participant has to contact the organizers by given phone No. and tell about the situation. Otherwise the participant would be disqualified (“DNF”). The participants’ recorded track (e.g. GPX) can be used to clear up the questions, that’s why it’s recommended to record one.

The participants’ tracking system is used to check their routes, but not to ensure their safety. The maximum tolerance for not following the route is 30 meters, knowing that GPS signal can be inaccurate sometimes.

Rules for pairs

Pairs can use all the resources they carry as one unit. The rules are the same as for solo cyclists, but having one main exclusion: support is legit between those two riders. Pair can share resources, navigate, etc.

Pairs can ride as solo participants, but the finish fact will only be acknowledged when both will come.

Pairs have to use their tracking device. In case one of the pair riders withdraw from the challenge, other can continue to the finish line and there his\her entry will be marked as *finished solo, but started in pair.


From 18 years old.

We would like to remind

  • Any bicycle is ok, even those which are not used in traditional events (we recommend hardtails, fatbikes, 650b gravel bike)

  • The participants are responsible for their own safety

  • Only participants are responsible for their actions during the challenge

“Hydra Epic” organizers can exclude a participant from the challenge for not following the rules.

Got questions?


All the rules, recommendations and requirements will be discussed a day before the event - in the official meeting.

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